IFCA Bible Quizzing Embracing God's Word
Thy Word Have I Hid in my Heart - Mark D. Johnson

What kind of world will our children and grandchildren face? Do you ever fear for the next generation? What tool can we give them to face an unknown and complex future?

According to Isaiah 26:3, perfect peace (shalom or "well being in every way") comes from fixing one’s mind on God Himself. That is best accomplished through meditating on His Word day and night.

That is why I love IFCA International Bible Quizzing. It fixes young minds on God and His Word in an extremely focused way! As a former quizzer and quiz coach, and as pastor of a church with an active Bible Quiz Program, and as a parent whose children love quizzing, I am excited about IFCA International Bible quizzing as a discipleship program.

Every year, dozens of IFCA International teens memorize entire books of the New Testament or at least several chapters (somewhere around 250 verses per year). To succeed at quizzing, they must understand the meaning of the verses and be able to process that meaning very quickly.

Quizzing is fun, energetic, highly competitive, and builds deep friendships among participants. Wise quiz coaches disciple their teens, help them understand how Scripture applies to their lives, and help them become leaders in actually using the verses they learn to serve in their churches and communities. Numerous Bible College graduates, pastors, missionaries, and church leaders have come from IFCA International quiz teams.

There is no better tool that we can give our young people for facing a challenging and uncertain future than deep roots in the Word of God. By the way, do you have today that perfect peace that passes understanding? You will find it by fixing your mind on the Savior. Try memorizing some Bible verses. (Yes, you can do it.) Try meditating on God’s eternal Word. Find that peace of mind that can face whatever the storms of life bring.

Mark D. Johnson
Pastor, Independent Bible Church
Martinsburg, WV