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Fred Emery Quoting Challenge
"Quote for Scholarship"

The original "Quote for Scholarship" was instituted by the Quiz Committee in June 2005 to provide students another way of earning a quizzing scholarship from participating schools. This scholarship is focused on how well quizzers have memorized the material, not on their ability to buzz fast. The scholarship is available to high school Juniors or Seniors who quote the Senior Quizzing Material in less than 45 minutes with no more than 12 helps.
In 2009 the Quoting Challenge was added which provides any quizzer, novice or senior, with the opportunity to earn a Quoting Challenge Certificate. Novice quizzers have 35 minutes to complete the challenge and Senior quizzers have 45 minutes. In both cases, there is a maximum of only 12 helps. Scholarships can only be earned by High School Juniors and Seniors that successfully quote the Senior Quiz Material on their first attempt.
In June 2010, the Quoting Challenge was renamed the Fred Emery Quoting Challenge.
Quoting Challenge Details...
Quote 100% of the quiz material with no more than 12 helps within the maximum allowed time:
  • Maximum Allowed Time:
    The maximum time is normally 35 minutes for novice and 45 mins for senior. The Quiz Committee may adjust the time based on the difficulty of the material. In 2011, for Hebrews, the time for both novice and senior was increased by 10 minutes. The challenge must be completed without holding time for any breaks.
  • Maximum Number of Helps:
    Each person is limited to a maximum of 12 helps. It is not considered "a help" if the quoter makes a mistake and is able to correct their mistake. A help "is assessed" if they get stuck and request a help. The listener then provides "the help" by giving the next 3 words.
  • Quote at Convention:
    The quoting challenge must be completed at the National Youth Convention by quoting to an adult. If possible, we prefer that delegates quote to someone from another church.
  • Open to Coaches:
    Coaches and other adults are encouraged to take part in the challenge. Each year several coaches do complete the challenge and we would like to see that number increase. If possible, coaches should quote to a quizzer from another church.
  • Miscellaneous:
    - You are not required to quote the verse numbers
    - You may ask which verse is next (this is not a help)
    - Listeners should only provide "a help" when requested