IFCA Bible Quizzing Embracing God's Word

2016-17 Material is Available

The material for 2016-2017 is Colossians and I & II Timothy.  Novices will quiz over Colossians and I Timothy 1-5.  Seniors will quiz over Colossians, I Timothy and II Timothy 1:1-4:5.
MEMORY SCHEDULE: The national committee does not set a memory schedule.  Churches that quiz together in the same region(s) should agree in advance on the amount of material that will be covered at each invitational when they meet together during the year to quiz.  I personally recommend that you cover more material in your quiz meets than most of your quizzers actually know, particularly early in the year. Most quizzers will find the material easier to memorize after they have had an opportunity to quiz over it. Some coaches find in beneficial to "front load" the schedule so that quizzers are learning more early in the year and have less to memorize later in the year.
A customizable memory schedule is available in the "Misc Files" section of the Downloads. To customize your own schedule, modify the start date in the top of the first column and then change the number of verses per week. The spreadsheet will automatically create a new customized schedule.   The sample adjusts the number of verses per week in a way that has quizzers learning "complete chapters". Create a schedule that works best for your team.