IFCA Bible Quizzing Embracing God's Word

2012 - 2013 MATERIAL
Ephesians, I Thessalonians & II Thessalonians 1-2
Material Updated April 3rd, 2013

Prior to downloading any material or other resources, we request that churches make a minimum annual donation of $50 to help cover expenses. (This request is waived for first year churches.) The resource fees help to pay for National's expenses, book awards, quiz loaner sets and other expenses associated with maintaining and developing the question pool.
Make sure to indicate "Bible Quizzing" on your check.

Make checks payable to: IFCA International

Mail checks to:
Randy Bouwens
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Most files are available in a native format (Word or Excel) and a PDF format. We recommend downloading the PDF files unless you plan to make your own formatting changes to the original. Material printed from PDF files will have the same page breaks throughout the year even the definitions have been updated.