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Each year at the National Youth Convention, a quizzing all-star award is given to quizzers who quiz exceptionally well and who demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship. A maximum of 12 all-stars can be named in both the novice and senior divisions.

All-stars are determined by members of the quiz committee and by selected quiz masters. This award is based on how quizzers perform at the national convention, no consideration is given to how they performed during the quiz year prior to nationals. Practice quizzes are generally not considered, however, performance in practice may be used to help clarify an all-star designation.

To be considered for this award, quizzers must be recommended by their coaches. In determining the all-star placement, consideration will be given to how often a team quizzed and the level of competition faced by each team.

  • Members of first, second and third place teams must average 35 points per quiz.
  • Members of fourth place teams must average 40 points per quiz.
  • All other quizzers must average 50 points per quiz.
  • Quizzers who do not meet the requirements listed above may be considered if they have quizzed out twice.
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